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Reviews And Good Words

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I want to share this video endorsement of my book by Pastor Richard Birch in Auburn, CA. He and his wife, Rebecca served for many years way up in the North Country in Yellow Knife. www.RRCENTER.NET This is an exciting endeavor as we continue to launch this vital tool to the body of Christ. If you have not picked up a copy yet, you will want to do that right away. We are continuing to reach out to others with the Transformation Tables. This is a first for us as Pastor Von Agzagra in the Philippines leads the first table […]

Transformation Tables

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We are excited to announce Transformation Tables. This is an exciting project that is based around my brand new book: The Transformed Life Journal: Experiencing The Power of the Gospel in 30 Days. I was inspired to write this Journal after reading from a devotional by the name, Chosen. In the book, the writer asked the question, what would happen if you preached the gospel to yourself every day? This thought brought me to create a simple tool that can easily be digested by the average person. Then, There Was: TransformationTables.com I wanted to go a step farther and turn […]

The Treasure Within You

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Podcast Audio Version UNLOCK THE TREASURE WITHIN YOU!   Imagine discovering a secret that has been hidden since the beginning of time. A secret that has now available to all who will hear.   It is a discovery that opens the door to every desire and hope you have ever had and is the answer to your life’s quest.   In this episode, we challenge many sacred cows that stop us from understanding what is freely ours in Christ. You will be challenged to think differently about yourself for the first time in your life. Your identity and self-concept will […]

How To Connect With Gods Blueprint For Your Life – Part 4 The Power of the Gospel

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Podcast Audio Version They say that we are the sum total of our past experience. If true, then we are in a sense prisoners with little hope for early release. We are stuck to suffer in a world of mediocrity, trapped by the dictates of our experiences.  I don’t mean to sound like a pessimist but when compared to the beauty of realizing that there is a choice to live from a higher view and opinion. A view and perception that comes from God himself about the possibility, hope, and magnificence all else becomes dark and moot. In this episode, […]

How To Connect With Gods Blueprint For Your Life – Part 3 The Power of the Gospel

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Podcast Audio Version How To Connect to God’s Blueprint For Your Life – Episode 3 To think, you and you and I have the ability to connect to God’s Blueprint for our lives. This is an incredible opportunity. What does that look like and how is it different from what our lives look like right now? In this episode, we do a deep dive into Paul the Apostle’s words found in the letter to Christians in Rome. Paul the Apostle wrote a lot about God’s blueprint for our lives. He wrote, that the Gospel is the POWER of God in […]

How To Connect With Gods Blueprint For Your Life – Part 2

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Podcast Audio Version In this episode, I will talk with you about where your life blueprint comes from. There in fact are two areas that this comes from. 1. Your external world, your environment. This includes your family and experiences. 2. From the Master Designer, God. God defines us in the image of his son and tells us what is indeed possible. I know that your life will be blessed as you discover God’s design and purpose for your life. Check out our primary ministry page and pick up one of my books. http://GraceEmpoweredLiving.com Like this episode? Give us a […]