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The Gospel Is Your Greatest Investment. Your Seed Sown With Expectation Creates Faith For What You Are Believing God For.

Expect Break-through For What You Are Believing God For. The Size of Your Seed Always Puts a Demand On The Supply.

Ways To Sow A One-Time Gift To The Ministry


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Our mission is to reach 100k people with the power of the Gospel and awaken them to their kingdom identity and purpose by January 1, 2025!

That means this year of 2024 is going to be a BIG YEAR!

With over 13 books, resources, and training materials, we have laid the framework to launch our Kingdom Coach Training Program. This allows us to multiply ourselves by equipping emerging leaders around the world.

Our goal is to raise 50 individuals who will take our framework into their church. Our vision is to have a Kingdom Purpose Coach in churches whose goal is to help people:

  1. Understand their Kingdom Identity!
  2. Show them that they have a kingdom purpose in this end-time harvest field that is waiting for them.

This vision is powerful because it has a compounding effect.

It's just not multiplying ourselves but will disciple others to touch their harvest. Do you remember the words of Jesus? He said, the harvest is white and ready, pray to the Lord of the harvest for laborers.