How To Connect With Gods Blueprint For Your Life – Part 4 The Power of the Gospel


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They say that we are the sum total of our past experience. If true, then we are in a sense prisoners with little hope for early release. We are stuck to suffer in a world of mediocrity, trapped by the dictates of our experiences. 

I don’t mean to sound like a pessimist but when compared to the beauty of realizing that there is a choice to live from a higher view and opinion. A view and perception that comes from God himself about the possibility, hope, and magnificence all else becomes dark and moot.

In this episode, we explore the power that is in the gospel message and its ability to save humanity from itself. It is the Gospel message once presented and believed that will unveil the Righteousness of God.

  • It establishes the fact that you are created in His image and likeness
  • It establishes that God made me his son and daughter and I am loved perfectly in every way!
  • It establishes that I am a join-heir with Jesus – and that I can have security and peace
  • It establishes that I am a king, a priest – My life and words have power!


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