Transformation Tables

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We are excited to announce Transformation Tables.

This is an exciting project that is based around my brand new book: The Transformed Life Journal: Experiencing The Power of the Gospel in 30 Days.

I was inspired to write this Journal after reading from a devotional by the name, Chosen. In the book, the writer asked the question, what would happen if you preached the gospel to yourself every day?

This thought brought me to create a simple tool that can easily be digested by the average person.

Then, There Was:

I wanted to go a step farther and turn it into a discipleship program that can be used by any study group that may desire to use this. I also made it available as a virtual course where at the end of each week, people would connect with a group on zoom.

I wanted something that was simple and duplicatable. This means you can start out by joining and simply registering. You will be able to join a group based on the time the group meets and your availability.

Each day for five days, you will have a short reading from a PDF. Then at the end of the five days, you will meet on zoom with others to talk about it. Each group will have its own facilitator to help keep everyone on track.

Each Transformation Table will meet five times over a five-week period.

Anyone Can Become a Facilitator

Once a person completes a Table, they can join as a Facilitator. As a Facilitator, you will simply ask questions based on the worksheet we provide. This makes it duplicatable and available to groups anywhere in the world.

Video prompts are available on each week’s set of lessons which can help facilitators and others understand the topic of the gospel.

We encourage you to check it out and register for yourself.

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