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Would Jesus Wear A Mask? Do you think Jesus would wear a mask?

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Podcast Audio Version Would Jesus Wear A Mask? Do you think Jesus would wear a mask? Recently, I saw someone who took a picture of their church parking lot and celebrated the fact that they were able to attend church. The responses of outrage might surprise you. “How dare they, put everyone at risk.” Other people responded with, “They have no right to meet like this when other businesses have to close.” These would be typical answers from non-churchgoers. They just don’t get why we the church have a constitutional right to keep the state from mandating religious meetings or […]

God’s Answer To The Disappointments And Uncertainties of Life

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Podcast Audio Version Disappointments and Uncertainty are both guaranteed. That is life and it starts out at a very young age. Every child soon realizes this fact of life. Most people don’t handle disappointment very well, it can have devastating effects on our mental health. It diminishes our ability to believe and have hope for a better tomorrow. It stops us from making better decisions because we are not hesitant. The fact is that our world is and has been for a very long time on the path of deterioration. What does that mean? The world is continually moving including […]

What To Do When Chaos And Fear Knock On Your Door

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Podcast Audio Version We live in a world where chaos and fear surround us.  One woman on the brink of losing it, screams, life isn’t what it is supposed to be like this! Families are under financial stress. Rioting in our streets, the fear of catching an invisible virus and political upheaval. It is hard to make life work when facing so much chaos. Maybe you are like the man who sticks his head out the window of his home and yells, “I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore.” Somebody, teleport me back to the way it used to be! […]

How To Pray For A Prodigal Child, Family Member or Friend

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Podcast Audio Version How To pray for a prodigal Child – 3 keys you can use right now for your prodigal child. How To Reach and Pray For Your Prodigal Child For Jesus If you have a loved one be it, a child, a husband, or a wife who has lost their way and is not serving the Lord, this video is a must for you. I see broken-hearted families all the time who are praying for their adult children. In many cases, these adult children have mental disorders schizophrenia, bipolar, and drug addictions. It literally breaks a parent’s heart […]

How To Live in Victory While Facing a Crisis.

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Podcast Audio Version   Are you facing a crisis?, Do you wonder where God is and how you will survive? How to live in victory while in a crisis is the subject matter of this video. This video will inspire you and allow you to see through God’s eyes. There are 1. Don’t Panic 2. Get God’s Word Regarding The Crisis. God gives you insight that what you are facing isn’t forever, it is temporary. Therefore, look through God’s eyes. See the end from the beginning. 3. Speak to the Mountain. Speak God’s promises to the crisis. James 1:2 tells […]

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