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How To Pray For A Prodigal Child, Family Member or Friend

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Podcast Audio Version How To pray for a prodigal Child – 3 keys you can use right now for your prodigal child. How To Reach and Pray For Your Prodigal Child For Jesus If you have a loved one be it, a child, a husband, or a wife who has lost their way and is not serving the Lord, this video is a must for you. I see broken-hearted families all the time who are praying for their adult children. In many cases, these adult children have mental disorders schizophrenia, bipolar, and drug addictions. It literally breaks a parent’s heart […]

The Man Who Lost His Identity

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How To Live in Victory While Facing a Crisis.

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Podcast Audio Version   Are you facing a crisis?, Do you wonder where God is and how you will survive? How to live in victory while in a crisis is the subject matter of this video. This video will inspire you and allow you to see through God’s eyes. There are 1. Don’t Panic 2. Get God’s Word Regarding The Crisis. God gives you insight that what you are facing isn’t forever, it is temporary. Therefore, look through God’s eyes. See the end from the beginning. 3. Speak to the Mountain. Speak God’s promises to the crisis. James 1:2 tells […]
The One Secret To Your Breakthrough

The Power of Identity, Sufficiently, Ability, Responsibility

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Podcast Audio Version Be in sync with your identity, purpose, and passion creates a more fruitful and productive life. In this episode, I talk about discovering and embracing God’s first intention for your life. __ Download my free gift: STOP LOSING, START WINNING Winning in Life __ I want to help you take your life to a whole new level. Check out Grace Empowered Leadership Academy at __ Check out our primary ministry page and pick up one of my books.

You Will Attract What You Expect

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Podcast Audio Version Did you know that you will attract what you expect? Most people already have some idea about this but where do you find the motivation to follow through. Especially when you are dealing with past thinking habits. Discover the three keys to upgrading your life! 1. Persuade your heart to how God sees you. 2. Declare God’s word. 3. Anytime you catch yourself moving toward the negative. STOP and remind yourself that this is not who you are. Then embrace your new identity that is in Christ. __ Download my free gift: STOP LOSING, START WINNING Winning […]

Winning Life Is An Inside Job

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Podcast Audio Version If there were a way to guarantee your success, would you want to know about it? Did you know that 100% of what stops you in life is your own mindset? There exist a dichotomy that is in opposition to each other within our own lives. One is the fact that everyone has a desire to win in life! On the other hand, we are our own worst enemy. In this week’s lesson, we will explore this and what you can do about it. __ Download my free gift: STOP LOSING, START WINNING __ I want […]

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