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How To Connect With Gods Blueprint For Your Life – Introduction

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Podcast Audio Version In this episode, we will introduce to you the importance of connecting to God’s blueprint for your life. Prov 29:11 talks about people who have no vision, in otherworlds no blueprint. A clear plan, pattern, or map to get them where they are going. Instead of relying on God’s blueprint which is built upon absolutes, people often fall into the trap of believing that truth is relative. It is no wonder why we as a society have fallen off the edge as it were of sanity. If you want to properly build something you need to have […]

What Is God Saying For Your Life In 2021

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Podcast Audio Version What Is God Saying For Your Life In 2021 There are those times in human history when there are what the Bible calls Kairos moments. Kairos means a time when conditions are right for the accomplishment of a crucial action: the opportune and decisive moment. I believe we are in one of those moments. This is what this video is about. We are God’s church and as such, we are the answer to this world. In 2021 you can expect a time of expansion, growth, and new freedom for your life. Prodigal children will turn to God, […]

How to stay encouraged in times of uncertainty in 2021

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Podcast Audio Version How to stay encouraged in times of uncertainty in 2021 Today is such an important day,  so many things going on in our world today. And I thought it’d be really important to emphasize and talk about how to stay encouraged in times of uncertainty. Uncertainty is all around us. People are literally being shaken by many recent events that are taking place. Political unrest, shutdowns, economic struggle, Covid 19 to say the least. In this blogcast, I am going to talk with you about how to stay encouraged in these times of uncertainty. Enjoy, Join our […]

Would Jesus Wear A Mask? Do you think Jesus would wear a mask?

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Podcast Audio Version Would Jesus Wear A Mask? Do you think Jesus would wear a mask? Recently, I saw someone who took a picture of their church parking lot and celebrated the fact that they were able to attend church. The responses of outrage might surprise you. “How dare they, put everyone at risk.” Other people responded with, “They have no right to meet like this when other businesses have to close.” These would be typical answers from non-churchgoers. They just don’t get why we the church have a constitutional right to keep the state from mandating religious meetings or […]

God’s Answer To The Disappointments And Uncertainties of Life

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Podcast Audio Version Disappointments and Uncertainty are both guaranteed. That is life and it starts out at a very young age. Every child soon realizes this fact of life. Most people don’t handle disappointment very well, it can have devastating effects on our mental health. It diminishes our ability to believe and have hope for a better tomorrow. It stops us from making better decisions because we are not hesitant. The fact is that our world is and has been for a very long time on the path of deterioration. What does that mean? The world is continually moving including […]

What To Do When Chaos And Fear Knock On Your Door

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Podcast Audio Version We live in a world where chaos and fear surround us.  One woman on the brink of losing it, screams, life isn’t what it is supposed to be like this! Families are under financial stress. Rioting in our streets, the fear of catching an invisible virus and political upheaval. It is hard to make life work when facing so much chaos. Maybe you are like the man who sticks his head out the window of his home and yells, “I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore.” Somebody, teleport me back to the way it used to be! […]

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