How To Connect With Gods Blueprint For Your Life – Introduction

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In this episode, we will introduce to you the importance of connecting to God’s blueprint for your life.

Prov 29:11 talks about people who have no vision, in otherworlds no blueprint. A clear plan, pattern, or map to get them where they are going.

Instead of relying on God’s blueprint which is built upon absolutes, people often fall into the trap of believing that truth is relative. It is no wonder why we as a society have fallen off the edge as it were of sanity.

If you want to properly build something you need to have a keen awareness of your blueprint more specifically, God’s blueprint. After all, God is the grand architect and designer of the universe. If you want to know how life is supposed to work, we turn to the master designer.

Absolutes create the cornerstones from which your life’s purpose is built upon.

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Download my free gift: STOP LOSING, START WINNING