Day 18: Al Jennings
Day 17: Pieter Swart
Day 16: Nicholas Larson
Day 15: Richard Birch
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Day 13: Haans Erlanson
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Day 11: Bob, Mona Clark Pt. 2
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Day 17 Pieter Swart

Pieter was born and raised in South Africa. He came to know the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of twenty three. Between 1987 and 2001, Pieter planted several churches in South Africa and traveled to many countries, preaching the Gospel.

In 2002, the Lord called Pieter to North America, and from there he was called to reach out to the nations with the Good News of the Kingdom. Today, Pieter and his wife Kathy, live near Tulsa, Oklahoma. They founded Pieter Swart Ministries in 2020, which is a traveling ministry.

Pieter and Kathy preach the Gospel of Grace and flow in the gifts of the Spirit. Through their teachings, many are getting a better understanding of how to receive the benefits that we have in Christ Jesus.

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