Day 31: Ron Harden
Day 30: Jerimiah Johnson
Day 29: Scott and Debra Johnson
Day 28: Kileha Holder
Day 27: Dennis & Denise Capra
Day 26: Connie Witter
Day 25: Isaac Thomas
Day 24: Chris Barhost
Day 23: Richard Waller
Day 22: Benjamin Conway
Day 21: Jendayi Harris
Day 20: Claudia Porter
Day 19: Clint Byars
Day 18: Al Jennings
Day 17: Pieter Swart
Day 16: Nicholas Larson

Want to Make a Kingdom Difference With Your Personal Plan and Make a Living Doing What You Love?

Day 16 Nicholas Larson

Nick’s Story: My dad was a Rhema graduate, and I grew up in Word of Faith churches. I love my roots and as a kid loved seeing God work through gifts and miracles, especially prophesy and words of wisdom. I knew from around the time I was 10 that I was going to be in ministry in some way.

I learned how to play the bass guitar at 12 and spent the next 15 years or so serving on worship teams wherever we went to church. I moved to Fargo when I was 21 and served at a Rhema church there for over 7 years. I helped with worship, children’s, and young adult ministry. In 2013,

I listened to a sermon by Andrew Wommack that rocked my belief system and challenged me to really study and seek God about why I believed what I did. I spent a year in Colorado at Charis Bible College and was ordained in 2014 by Pastor Lawson Perdue at Charis Christian Center. I moved to Sioux Falls where I pastored Grace and Truth for a little over two years. I went through some personal challenges and took a break from pastoring for about a year before moving to Minneapolis. In 2019, I began helping Pastors Pieter and Kathy, (who happen to be my mom and stepdad) at One Life. I served with them on the worship team and eventually stepped into the role of associate pastor.

In 2022 we stepped into the role of senior pastors. Our desire is to minister to the Father-heart of God and see people personally and practically experience and enjoy what it is to be One with Him. We believe church is supposed to look like family: family is fun and messy and challenges each other to grow in Love just as we are loved by Father God.

Day 15: Richard Birch
Day 14: Sherry Riether
Day 13: Haans Erlanson
Day 12: Julie Perry
Day 11: Bob, Mona Clark Pt. 2
Day 10: Bob, Mona Clark
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Day 8: Bonnie Duell
Day 7: Kileha Holder
Day 6: Ted Nelson
Day 5: Brian Whiting
Day 4: Wayne Buller
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Day 2: Carla Jennings
Day 1: LeAnna Tuff

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