Day 31: Ron Harden
Day 30: Jerimiah Johnson
Day 29: Scott and Debra Johnson
Day 28: Kileha Holder
Day 27: Dennis & Denise Capra
Day 26: Connie Witter
Day 25: Isaac Thomas
Day 24: Chris Barhost
Day 23: Richard Waller
Day 22: Benjamin Conway
Day 21: Jendayi Harris
Day 20: Claudia Porter
Day 19: Clint Byars
Day 18: Al Jennings
Day 17: Pieter Swart
Day 16: Nicholas Larson

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Day 14 Sherry Riether

Sherry Riether leads the Human Resources department in a corporate setting and also co-pastors Healing Grace church. As a young child, Sherry recalls feeling completely surrounded by God’s love and believing anything was possible.

Over the years, shame, guilt, and condemnation took the place of child-like faith stemming from the belief that she was never good enough and the church became a place to avoid. When she met Greg, he shared the message of righteousness by faith through grace and her eyes were opened to the truth that she had been made forever righteous and holy.

Accepting and meditating on this gift of righteousness through the grace of Jesus Christ has changed her life. She now sees her real identity as a daughter in Christ.

She knows she is completely accepted and loved; all the time, no matter what. She is learning, once again, to live happy and free and to believe that with Jesus, anything is possible!

Day 15: Richard Birch
Day 14: Sherry Riether
Day 13: Haans Erlanson
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Day 11: Bob, Mona Clark Pt. 2
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Day 7: Kileha Holder
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