Day 15: Richard Birch
Day 14: Sherry Riether
Day 13: Haans Erlanson
Day 12: Julie Perry
Day 11: Bob, Mona Clark Pt. 2
Day 10: Bob, Mona Clark
Day 9: Dan, Nancy Thompson
Day 8: Bonnie Duell
Day 7: Kileha Holder
Day 6: Ted Nelson
Day 5: Brian Whiting
Day 4: Wayne Buller
Day 3: Joe, Violet Detre
Day 2: Carla Jennings
Day 1: LeAnna Tuff

Want to Make a Kingdom Difference With Your Personal Plan and Make a Living Doing What You Love?

Day 1 LeAnna Tuff

LeAnna is an anointed prophetic ministry is for such a time as this. She will ignite a fire in your heart as she ministers God's word with passion, and with a confidence that comes from intimately knowing God's love, grace, and mercy.

She will impart revelation and share a "now" word from the Holy Spirit for you! LeAnna believes that this year is a time to refocus and see into the supernatural like never before.

You will be inspired to take the limits off of God as you step into your future! The Lord led LeAnna and her husband Peter to move to Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 2021. They love serving in their local fellowship, Grace & Truth Ministries.